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The collection as seen on this website contains a number of categories. The main category is travel guides, mainly travel guides dated from before 1940. There is a large stock of over some thousand books and maps, such as:

Baedeker, Conty, Cook, Eifelverein, Grieben, Hachette, Joanne, Lonely-Planet (met name de eerste uitgaven), Meyer, Muirhead, Murray, Nagel, Odé, TCI, Ward Lock, Woerl ...

Beside travel guides you will also find:

  • Mountaineering guides; travel guides especially for hiking-/mountain trails
  • Expeditions; in this collection you will find expedition stories. Young and old, close and far away. Well-known expeditions as well as unknown expeditions
  • Polar travels; Polar area books, mainly the polar travels. Also expeditions with great names such as Nansen, Scott, Amundsen, de Gerlache en Shackleton
  • Cartography/Atlasses; this part of the collection will be available on the website mid-2008. It will mainly contain older geographical maps of The Netherlands and books on cartography etc.

We can inmagine that you are interested in a book/guide and would like to know more about it than this website tells you. In this case do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to provide you with extended information and more photos.

Use the Bagage Bookfinder on the right and search categories, regions or keywords to find the book you are looking for.

Would you like to buy a topographic map? Please check:

  • Maps; this part of the collection contains over 5,000 maps. Mostly Dutch maps on linnen and on paper (scale 1 to 25:000). Only a small part of the collection is published on this website. Should you be interested in a map of a certain area, just contact me. All maps date from 1890 til 1980.

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