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Frequently asked questions

Q:Are all books available on this website?
A:No, therefore it is always useful to contact us when you are looking for historic travel guides or maps.

Q:What are my options when the quality of a book is disatisfying?
A:Obviously we try to describe each book as good as possible. But we look different to a book of 60 years old than a book of 140 years old, than suddenly a tear seems smaller. Your satisfaction regarding the item you have purchased is very important to us. If you are not satisfied, just send it back to us within 8 days. You will only be charged for the shipping costs, and you will receive a total refund of the book price. Please contact us regarding such a matter.

Q:How can I pay?
A:If located outside the Netherlands payments can only be made by means of a bank transfer. When ordering a book you will receive a confirmation mail, containing the required payment information.

Q:What are the shipping and handling costs?
A:We standardly charge €2,50 for shipping, handling etc, regardless the number of books, weight and dimensions. Outside The Netherlands we standardly charge €5,-. If the value of a book exceeds €100,- we will use registered mail, costs €7,50.

Q:In what way are the books quality rated?
A:Next to the objective descriptions, such as publication year, number of pages etc, every book is judged on content, cover and completeness. All books are rated from 1 to 5 stars, 5 stars being perfect (content and cover) or complete (completeness of the book) and 1 star being poor or incomplete.

Rating Content quality Cover quality Completeness
SterSterSterSterSter Near mint Near mint Complete
SterSterSterSter Very fine Very fine Likely complete; may be missing a page
SterSterSter Good; some ditry spots, little tear, loose page Good; little fade and/or some ditry spots Misses one or more pages and/or title page and/or maps
SterSter Fair; ditry spots, tears, wrinkles, loose pages Fair; spine partially loose, ditry spots Misses several maps
Ster Poor; bad condition Poor; bad condition Misses maps and pages

Q:Can I pick-up books?
A:You are able to pick-up books in Putten (The Netherlands), after making an appointment.

These are our BAGAGE regulations. If we may have overlooked something, please let us know.

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